Why Google Algorithms are a Waste of Time

In 2014, all that matters is that you know what you are talking about

Small business owners probably got headaches when their SEO firm said things like Penguin or Hummingbird, as most owners have no desire to keep up with Google’s search algorithm updates. The SEO firms would sell that they know they would magically know the secrets to Google’s madness like they are the cure for cancer. Kudos to them for being persistent, but its mostly a scam.

To clear the air, your SEO firm should be bringing you value with their direction. What to topics to blog about during the week. What static content to have on your site. What topics and information you are lacking. What your competitors are doing. Maybe they also write some content and your blogs for you or create infographics and images for your blog posts. They help you manage your social networks, material for your various communication campaigns. They bring awareness to your business outside of just your websites. Its a lot of work.

What they shouldn’t be telling you  is that you need to adapt to Google algorithms and their constantly moving target. That isn’t a stable marketing plan. A good SEO company will undoubtedly follow Google’s moves, but they must understand why the algorithm changes, not so much the how the formula works. What the end game is. The goal, has always been the same, do you have the information that someone is looking for.

Google is looking at your website, reading your content, and determining what you are an expert in. Your content is all that wonderful knowledge that you have in your head. Google is categorizing that info, grabbing similar information from your competitors and putting them all in a file cabinet. The ones at the front, have the best info for that topic.

What is the Google Algorithm trying to do?

Google isn’t 100% there yet, but that is ultimately where they are heading. That is the basic function of a search engine. It’s very simple. Someone asks a question on Google, and whoever has the best answer or information, is displayed first. No fancy coding. No fancy SEO gimmicks and front page unrealistic expectations. Do you have the best information, and nothing else.

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