Why Blogging is Good for Business

Blogging helps business attract customers

As an Austin small business owner, how do you stand out as having a great product or service? Showing your customer that you are an expert about your product is a way to gain your customers trust. That is why blogging is a great way to share your knowledge to your customers. Blogging not only allows you to grow a great collection of content about your product or services. As an added benefit, blogging will undoubtedly help you rank higher on Google.

The Blogging Approach

Every small business website usually has a handful of sections, their home page, a way to contact them and pages about their business. Those are very broad topic pages. A blog post should be about a specific and you can get into more details. You should write for your readers in a similar way you talk to them in person. Remember, the goal is to teach your readers first, so they have to be able to understand what you are saying.

Blogging consistently will have many great results for your website. It will show your customers you know what you are talking about one blog post at a time. Before you know it, you will have a small library of information. Readers will come to you if you are able to explain your topic well, often referred to as “high quality” content in the SEO world. Bonus points if no one else is talking about what you are explaining in your blog post.

Google and Your Blog

This month marked Google’s 15th birthday, and Austin small businesses, if you want your customers to find you, then your website’s performance on Google is going to be among your main focuses. This past week there was a major announcement about Google changing their search algorithm, and actually had it quietly implemented for a few weeks, but how is this going to affect Austin small businesses?

The truth is, you are Google’s customer, and their goal is to create the perfect search engine. Google wants its users to type in what they are looking for and show them exactly what they were searching for. Plain and simple. Whatever anyone tells you about how they know the secrets of Google’s magic formula, is baloney. This release from google, is one step closer to humanize the search process more and more. Give customers what they need to know, that is what Google wants, that is what you should want.

Your blog, written for your customers understanding, will be what Google looks at the most. You have a small library of knowledge on your website. People in the same field will quote and link to your website’s blog explaining topics. This builds your backlinks and your credibility. Those points are vital to ranking high in Google. And that is how customers find you.

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